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Kill Churn Once & For All with Individualization

Churn SUCKS and it’s killing your growth. Churn is almost impossible to overcome for mobile apps. However, with an industry wide average churn rate...
Lindsey Meredith Lindsey Meredith
1 min read

Gamification is dead. Now what?

From the Archives: Thoughts on Gamification vs. Behavioral Design originally posted October 24, 2013 on Medium.   Want to tap the brain’s motivational machinery?...
Ramsay Brown Ramsay Brown
4 min read

Mobile User Engagement: Crossing the New Chasm

What we can learn from a quarter century old book about increasing mobile user engagement TODAY. Over 25 years ago a book came out...
Lindsey Meredith Lindsey Meredith
3 min read

Infographic: Fostering Experimentation in 3 Steps

A culture of experimentation can be difficult to foster, especially for teams rooted in math and sciences. Traditional schooling teaches us that we must...
Lindsey Meredith Lindsey Meredith
14 sec read

Running a Behavioral Design Workshop

User Behavior – and how to change it – doesn’t need to a mystery. If you’re interested in understanding and shaping how your users...
Lindsey Meredith Lindsey Meredith
2 min read

Glossary: Essential Behavioral Design Terms

A  glossary of the most commonly referenced terms in behavioral design with industry specific definitions. Go into every meeting feeling prepared.     A/B...
Lindsey Meredith Lindsey Meredith
8 min read

Apple’s Digital Health and Corporate Behavioral Responsibility

Why I’m excited to see Apple taking a stand and facilitating a better relationship with our phones. A quarter century ago, Apple released the...
Ramsay Brown Ramsay Brown
1 min read

The CAR Model: It’s What Drives Habits

The consequences of an act affect the probability of its occurring again. – B. F. Skinner In this post, we explore how your app...
Lindsey Meredith Lindsey Meredith
9 min read

The Business of User Habits

“Not only do we construct our own society, but we accept it as it is because others have created it before us. Society is,...
Lindsey Meredith Lindsey Meredith
5 min read

Behavioral Design in the Wild

The following topic also appears in our Free Ebook: Digital Behavioral Design   “It’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s better to learn from...
Matt Mayberry Matt Mayberry
7 min read