Mobile User Engagement: Crossing the New Chasm

What we can learn from a quarter century old book about increasing mobile user engagement TODAY. Over 25 years ago a book came out...
Lindsey Meredith Lindsey Meredith
3 min read

Infographic: Fostering Experimentation in 3 Steps

A culture of experimentation can be difficult to foster, especially for teams rooted in math and sciences. Traditional schooling teaches us that we must...
Lindsey Meredith Lindsey Meredith
14 sec read

“Data is like a Moat!” and Other Bad Ways…

If you‘re founding, funding, or fueling a startup, you need to know how to talk about data. Almost 50 years into the Information Age...
T. Dalton Combs PhD T. Dalton Combs PhD
4 min read

A Culture of Experimentation: Increasing User Engagement and Retention

This is a deep dive on one of the topics from our new eBook, Digital Behavior Design! Behavior change is a science, and that...
Lindsey Meredith Lindsey Meredith
3 min read

How To Score Leads for Values Alignment

Like any startup, we have way more opportunities than time, and some of those opportunities don’t align with our ethos.  In order to quickly...
Matt Mayberry Matt Mayberry
2 min read

Becoming Boundless

Recently, I bought my first espresso machine and in the excitement of setting it up, I lost the instruction manual. Preparing my first shot...
T. Dalton Combs PhD T. Dalton Combs PhD
1 min read