Teams That Want To Change The World Use Boundless. Learn How They Did it.

Changing behavior isn’t just about mission: It’s necessary for any product’s survival.

Impact, revenue, retention, and virality all depend on rewiring user habits.

Luckily, we know the brain’s habit code:  Variable Reinforcement. It underlies behavior, habits, and motivation. It’s also hackable, personalizable, adaptable, and predictable.

See how teams used Boundless to boost the KPIs that matter most.


Boundless AI got - and kept - people walking 60% more with Movn.


Boundless helped Tala improve early loan repayment 14% - even over SMS.


Reinforcement caused WeDo users to check 30% more off their todo lists.


OkieLa users added-to-cart 30% more with a hit of delight from Boundless.


Vimify used Boundless AI to lift diet and exercise - and saw a 21% boost.


Rocket Rave uses Boundless AI to fuel 11% more monthly play sessions.

Teams Win With Boundless

What will your story be when you incorporate Boundless into your product?  Teams of all sizes have won using Boundless to drive engagement, retention, and revenue.  Will you be next?

The Brain is Programmable You Just need The Code

We build products that build people. Backed by decades of neuro-scientific research, Boundless’ technology changes peoples’ behaviors, beliefs, and being.