Human Behavior
is Programmable

Learn the basics, best practices, science, and secrets behind Behavioral Design in, Digital Behavioral Design.

Why do people do what they do?

Today’s technology companies are delivering fantastic products that users are begging for. 

However, users can’t take advantage because of barriers to changing their behavior.

In the book, we outline why people do what they do, and answer the question of how to change inherent behaviors.

A Peak Inside

In Volume 1, we introduce Behavioral Design as a field and framework, with a special emphasis on habit formation. 

We review the ethics of Behavioral Design and how these techniques can be used for good. We explore what techniques Behavioral Design offers us to change user behavior, and we focus in on how the Cue-Action-Reward (CAR) Model has been used to induce habits.

Driving Habits

Chapters 2 and 3 dive deep into how habits work – and what your team can do to start engineering them using the CAR Model.

We review what habits are really made of, the science behind behavior change and habit-formation, and real examples of how you can get started building a habit-forming product.

Start Designing User Behavior

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