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Until about one hundred years ago, most people died from infectious diseases; those deaths were mourned, but it was the world’s accepted order.  But a small group started a radical movement. Audaciously, they believed that by creating a rigorous science of body, they could end the reign of disease over man. 

Because of that movement, no one reading this is likely to die of an infectious disease. Today, it’s our behaviors that are killing us. People over the age of 50, you are most likely to die as a result of your eating, exercise, or smoking habits (diabetes, heart disease, stroke, COPD). People under the age of 50, you are most likely to die of a drug overdose or suicide. 

Beyond matters of life and death, our inability to be who we want to be causes the majority of human suffering. Education has never been more important, but studying hasn’t gotten any easier. We have more options for where to put our attention, but it’s never been harder to put it where we want. In an age of unprecedented discovery, many people find increasingly difficult to find purpose in life.

These problems can all be solved by a rigorous technology of the mind, and a convergence of technologies has created an opportunity to create it.

By monitoring our behavior, AI’s informed by cutting-edge neuroscience can understand us at a neural level. They’ll know how any change to our environment would affect our behavior, and (thanks to ubiquitous communication) they can reach out and make the changes that turn us into who we want to be.

We’re founding a movement to seize this moment and build those technologies.

We invite you to join!

T. Dalton Combs PhD
Boundless Mind


The Brain is Programmable You Just need The Code

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