Increase Engagement with Your Media Applications

Boundless uses Neuroscience and ML to personalize and adapt how each user is positively reinforced for engaging with your app.

Connect your app to our AI service: behavioral frequency, user retention, & revenue rise automatically in days.

Improve Retention

Boundless keeps your customers coming back, increasing LTV and lowering your effective acquisition costs – all with a simple SDK.  Improving your KPIs has never been easier!

Case Study : Brighten


Want teens to fight cyberbullying? Anonymous positivity is a great place to start. Brighten used Boundless’ AI to reinforce users for returning to their app daily and sending loving messages to each other: with great results.

Action: open the app, send messages
Reward: Inspirational quotes, animated GIFs

The Brain is Programmable You Just need The Code

We build products that build people. Backed by decades of neuro-scientific research, Boundless’ technology changes peoples’ behaviors, beliefs, and being.