Improve Patient Adherence Using Persuasive AI.

Patient adherence matters. So does your visibility into adherence. Smartphone companion apps are a great start to gaining visibility but they are useless if your patients don’t use the app. 

Cutting through their mental noise is critical to you getting the insights you need into their adherence. 

Boundless uses machine learning and proprietary models from Neuroscience to predict when and how each user ought to be positively reinforced and encouraged for their application engagement. The surprise and delight of unexpected encouragement don’t just feel good for the end user, it neurologically rewires their habits and increases their adherence. 

Multiple Application Types

Boundless works with a variety of Medical, Health and Wellness applications including prescription drug-use-related software (PDURS), Digital Therapeutics (DTx) and Mobile Health (mHealth).  In every integration, the Boundless AI improves key KPIs including adherence, retention, engagement and the patients’ well being.

Proven Results

Boundless’ predictive analytics and interventions cause statistically significant changes in user engagement and retention.

“For almost two years now Boundless Mind has consistently kept Movn's users hooked.”
John Doe
Harsh Vathsangam. CEO, Moving Analytics
“The 21% engagement boost we saw with Boundless was great for Vimify - and even better for our users' health”
Marko Vasiljevic
CEO, Vimify

The Brain is Programmable You Just need The Code

We build products that build people. Backed by decades of neuro-scientific research, Boundless’ technology changes peoples’ behaviors, beliefs, and being.