Want to induce more add-to-cart's per user?
Inject optimized delight, powered by Boundless.

How do you take users from browsing to buying?

Window shopping doesn’t drive revenue: purchasing does. So driving users from perusing your store to adding things to their cart is a critical step in lifting conversions. 

How can your app get people to look less and buy more?

Like every other computer, the brain is programmable. You just have to know the language. partnered with an online-native marketplace to increase how often users added items to their cart, engaged with the platform, and retained as customers in an iOS-based storefront app, powered by Boundless’ Enterprise Variable Reinforcement engine.

Working together, Boundless and our partner’s stakeholders:

  • Identified the critical action to reinforce: adding an item to their cart
  • Designed encouraging positive reinforcement to show users after the item was added to their cart according to Boundless’ prediction models and personalization AI.
  • Connected the App to Boundless AI’s secure Cloud computing facility.

Boundless Variable Reinforcement lifted add to cart behavior by 30%

Using models of the brain’s innate habit-circuitry, Boundless’ AI predicted when and how each unique user should receive positive reinforcement. Our predictions ensured that reinforcement delivered was maximally likely to cause a neurological dopamine-release and – in turn – an increase in how frequently users would add items to their cart.

Boundless AI has been trained specially to minimize burnout, detect user fatigue, and adapt dynamically to each user’s behavior. 

As a results, shoppers exposed to Boundless used the storefront App more consistently and added items to their cart 30% more frequently than Control Group users – driving greater conversions for our partner and growing their business.