Want to automatically improve patient adherence and Companion App retention?
Use Persuasive Artificial Intelligence.

Patient adherence matters. So does your visibility into adherence.

Cutting through patients’ mental noise is critical to getting the insights you need into their adherence. How can your app break through your users’ existing habits and become part of their daily routine?

Like every other computer, the brain is programmable. You just have to know the language. partnered with a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical manufacturer to increase adherence, engagement, and retention in an iOS-based chronic condition companion app using Boundless’ Enterprise Variable Reinforcement engine.

Working together, Boundless and our partner’s stakeholders:

  • Identified the critical action to reinforce: tracking medication usage.
  • Designed encouraging positive reinforcement to show users according to Boundless’ prediction models and personalization AI.
  • Connected the Companion App to Boundless AI’s secure Cloud computing facility.

Boundless Variable Reinforcement lifted patient adherence by 18% and retention by 30%

Using models of the brain’s innate habit-circuitry, Boundless’ AI predicted when and how each unique user should receive positive reinforcement. Our predictions ensured that reinforcement delivered was maximally likely to cause a neurological dopamine-release and – in turn – an increase in behavioral frequency.

Boundless AI has been trained specially to minimize burnout, detect user fatigue, and adapt dynamically to each user’s behavior. 

As a results, patients exposed to Boundless used the Companion App more consistently, tracked their medication usage with greater regularity, and granted our partner deeper insights into how their patients behaved.