Churn kills apps.

Sesame kills churn.

Keep your users coming back by showing them the right at the perfect time.

Churn sucks.

And it can kill the best apps. Even yours.
So we built Sesame. Sesame kills churn.

It uses AI and models from Neuroscience to optimally inject delightful UX enhancements into your app at the perfect moments: when it's predicted to delight and retain each unique user.

Cut churn up to 30% automatically.

Increase engagement and user LTV.

Keep more of your valuable early users.

Here's How:

Pick a UX enhancement for Sesame to surprise and delight users with. Customize it live on our Dashboard.

Our AI Engine individualizes how each user is shown your enhancement: only when it will create a burst of dopamine.

Watch your churn improve in days as the enhancements from Sesame delight & reinforce each user uniquely.

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