Turn Every User into a Power User

Engineer User Behavior to Increase Engagement & Retention

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Cut churn up to 30% automatically

Convert more installs into customers

Reduce cost-of-acquisition by 17%

Boundless Mind

Bringing You Software That Truly Changes User Behavior

Neuroscience has shown us that habits are programmable, and data has shown us that each person requires their own unique program.

Boundless AI combines neuroscience and data to deliver individualized in-app user engagement programs that continually outperform other methods.

Kill Churn with Sesame

By Boundless Mind

Churn sucks.
So we built Sesame to kill churn.

Sesame makes returning to your app irresistible for your users. It takes the most crucial action for retention, App Open, and makes it a tailored and memorable experience for each individual user.

How Boundless AI Works

Pick a User Behavior

A frequent user action that is valuable for your users and your business, such as opening the app or completing a task.

Pick an Enhancement

A fun, visual cue used to reward the user for completing that action and activate their habit system.

Connect to Boundless AI

Connect to our API via one of our supported SDKs or REST API, and put each user on an individualized program.

Watch Your Engagement Grow

Boundless AI runs autonomously in the background, building habits and freeing you up to work on other initiatives.

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