Kill Churn Once & For All with Individualization

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Churn SUCKS and it’s killing your growth.

Churn is almost impossible to overcome for mobile apps. However, with an industry wide average churn rate of 71% over the first 90 days for a new user, churn has become a serious headache for teams building mobile applications

Knowing churn is a problem doesn’t put you any closer to fixing it.

Churn is a complex issue and the reason users leave is unique to their individual experience. There isn’t one UX or messaging change that’s going to solve it for all of your users. However, at Boundless Mind, we’re proud to announce a new model for predicting when a user will churn… and a simple to deploy system to stop it.

Introducing SESAME

Overcoming Churn with Individualized Product Interventions

At Boundless Mind we are all about brains.  While users may share commonalities (or the same Propensity-to-Engage) with each other, understanding and mapping what makes them tick heightens their experience and increases the chance they come back.

Our technology leverages these tactics and uses a persuasive AI armed with real-time data sources and behavioral design models to predict the perfect moments for each user to intervene and help them build a habit.

SESAME brings Individualization to Your App

Sesame enables you to make the most crucial action for retention, App Open, a tailored and memorable experience for each individual user.

How it Works

Sesame analyzes your user data and builds a predictive model for when to show users an enhanced app open experience. Sesame times the delivery for each user, in real time, to ensure they are surprised, driving a little dopamine hit to help them build a habit.

The enhanced experience is selected by YOU and doesn’t have to be complex. Something as simple as a confetti burst, a few words of praise or even a fun gif will do the trick. Sesame takes care of the hard part… the timing of when to show it.

Introducing this fun and unpredictable experience makes returning to your product irresistible for your users. The more they come back, the more chances they have to experience the “Aha Moment,” all while Sesame is reinforcing their habit in the background.

Customers who have used Sesame have seen an average 30% lift in frequency that users are opening their apps and reduced churn.

If you’re ready to try something new and tackle churn head on, get on the Early Access list for Sesame to be the first to try it for Free! Check it out here.

Lindsey Meredith