Predictably Change Your Users' Behavior with AI

Change your users’ behavior by tapping into our real-time Persuasive Artificial Intelligence Engines.  Boost engagement, retention, and revenue with a simple to install SDK and reliable API

We fuse Neuroscience and AI to build Behavioral Engineering and Behavioral Analysis tools that help the world’s most valuable teams solve the world’s hardest problems.  

Harness the power of our persuasive AI to kill churn, boost engagement, and cut high user acquisition costs.


Boundless analyzes each of your user’s behaviors in your app and any other app we recognize them in. Even if they are new to you, we might know what already works for them.


Our AI experimentation system adapts and learns how to best surprise and delight them, giving them the perfect burst they need and the right pattern and rhythm over time.


We know exactly how to positively reinforce each user on your platform. Our system predicts in real time when they should feel good about completing desired behaviors.


Our beautifully designed dashboard shows you how your users are performing across your core KPIs. It is audit-able, easy to read, and can be combined with your favorite analytics platform.

We use Neuroscience and ML to adapt and personalize how each user is positively reinforced for behaviors they do inside your app.

Plug our SDK in to consume our AI and your retention, engagement, and revenue will rise automatically in weeks.

“For almost two years now Boundless Mind has consistently kept Movn’s users hooked.”
Harsh Vathsangam
CEO, MOVN Analytics
“The 21% engagement boost we saw with Boundless was great for Vimify – and even better for our users’ health.”
Marko Vasiljevic
CEO, Vimify

The Brain is Programmable You Just need The Code

We build products that build people. Backed by decades of neuro-scientific research, Boundless’ technology changes peoples’ behaviors, beliefs, and being.