How do you stand out in a fractured social media landscape?
Use Behavioral Engineering.

How do you keep users attention in a fractured attention landscape?

Every social media app strives to be our default we turn to when we’re not paying attention. Becoming a daily part of your users’ communication and entertainment ritual is critical for survival – especially when users have so many options. 

How can your app break through your users’ existing habits and become part of their daily routine? Like every other computer, the brain is programmable. You just have to know the language. partnered with an up-and-coming Social Media app to increase how often users opened the app, generated content, and spread positive messages to other users using Boundless’ Enterprise Variable Reinforcement engine.

Working together, Boundless and our partner’s stakeholders:

  • Identified the critical action to reinforce: app opens, content creation.
  • Designed encouraging positive reinforcement to show users according to Boundless’ prediction models and personalization AI.
  • Connected the app to Boundless AI’s secure Cloud computing facility.

Boundless Variable Reinforcement lifted app opens by 167%

Using models of the brain’s innate habit-circuitry, Boundless’ AI predicted when and how each unique user should receive positive reinforcement. Our predictions ensured that reinforcement delivered was maximally likely to cause a neurological dopamine-release and – in turn – an increase in behavioral frequency.

Boundless AI has been trained specially to minimize burnout, detect user fatigue, and adapt dynamically to each user’s behavior. 

As a results, users exposed to Boundless opened the app much more frequently, generated more content for their peers and friends, and helped our partner lift critical engagement KPIs.